Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simplicity 2815 again

Doing a bit of sewing at night after the kids are in bed seems to be working again. I am no less tired, but strangely, I find I often feel refreshed, for the most part, if I make myself sit and sew, after the first 20 minutes or so of ennui/ lethargy.

We are well and truly into summer here in Australia, and the days are frequently hot (though also unusually wet the last week), and the summers still warm, requiring little to no cover at night.

I made my girls the KS 3105 nighties, which they love, but being young, and being used to wearing pants most of the time with tees, they have not yet learnt to sit a dignified way. As a result, they have been asking me to sew them some pants/ shorts to wear under their nighties. So I got out Simplicity 2815 again, which I last made last winter, for my husband's son. It is an OOP pattern, but has recently been reprinted under a new number, S2326.

I made a pair of summer PJ pants in size S,  bottle green gingham cotton fabric for my husband's son. He is due to visit this weekend, so I'll test the fit on him then, but the size S was a bit baggy on him last winter, and looks like it is a good fit now, so fingers crossed the pants will be fine, worn with a singlet or a tee. I did not really have any 8 year old boy fabric on hand, and don't really want to buy licensed fabric, so I went with a dependable, "boy" friendly fabric instead. If nothing else, it was good practice in trying (not so successfully) match the checks. 

For my girls, I chose the smallest size they have, XS, which is apparently for 4-5 year olds, and ought to have fit perfectly. 

I have only made the pants thus far, and will need to shorten these even further than the 8cm I lopped off, to make them capri length, or a bit shorter for shorts length, but the sizing runs HUGE on my girls. I'm not surprised, as I have heard this complaint about the Big4 patterns for kids. Still, they were so excited, they wanted to go to bed in them tonight, and I had to convince them to leave them for me to alter. 

I've cut out a total of 5 pairs for the girls, tops and bottoms, so I'll shorten these 2 pairs to capri length, and cut the remaining two pairs of pants to shorts length, or just at the knees, perhaps, to wear under their nighties. The capri length pants they can wear with the tops, as summer PJs. 

After that, I really want to tackle a knit again, and I might try this Kwik Sew 3513 next: 

It is meant to be good for maternity, and will go nicely with the Jalie tops, if and when I get around to making them (as you noted, Sue, I can only do so much, with the unpredictability of young children!). 

Still, it feels great to be sewing on a regular basis, and I am enjoying it quite a bit, and making a dent in my stash! All good things to be achieving, surely! 

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