Friday, December 10, 2010

Sewing Project Wishlist...

Into 31 weeks of my pregnancy, and it is so much harder this time around than I can ever recall! The warm weather does not help either, nor does having 3 young kids underfoot to cart around to extracurricular activities almost daily.

Still, having made time for some sewing the last few days has meant that after the kids are in bed, I have actually had some fun, and had something to show for it the next morning, when the girls woke up.

I am hoping to try to do this on a semi-regular basis until the baby is due in February, because schedules will be interrupted again, and I won't get much done for a long time...

So here is my wishlist of traced/ cut/ planned projects. Let's see how much/ little I get done by February:

1. Simplicity 2815 (OOP) again, for woven PJs for the girls, and a pair of PJ pants for my husband's son.
2. Kwik Sew 3730 , overalls and shirt for my son, who is 18 months old and fast running out of clothes to wear. A romper or two will be good for him to wear most places, as will a shirt or two, in summer weight fabric. And it will be good practice for me to learn collars etc.
3. Kwik Sew 3703, and A line knit dress with a racerback for myself, if I get around to it. I need something cool to wear these last few weeks, and afterwards, and this looks like it would be perfect.

There are also a couple of Jalie tops I have traced out in my size, Jalie 2787- Criss Cross Nursing Top as well as Jalie 2788 and if possible, Jalie 2804, which Morzel successfully converted into a nursing top also.

But as with all best laid plans, it remains to be seen how busy/ tired/ overwhelmed I become, especially since I am still working night shifts on a weekly basis until January 8th, and it takes its toll.

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Sue said...

Imaan, You are doing so well with your sewing and caring for your family as well. Make plans, but keep them flexible as (I am sure you are aware) children will make short work of your time. Enjoy the kids, enjoy the sewing.