Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Addition to the Family...

Not much sewing at all. The spirit has been willing, but the flesh weak...the heatwave, then trying to cook and clean and get ready for impending labour.

We added a new member to our family yesterday, at 5.59 PM local time, a little girl, yet to be named, weighing exactly 3500g (7lbs7oz). Labour was hard and fast (less than 1/2 hour once I got going), and a friend kindly took our other kids so I had my husband around for support for the first time since we were having DD1, which was lovely.

Here she is with our eldest, who will be 5 in two weeks.

The kids have all been expecting her, even our 20 month old son, who ran in and was all over her, calling her "Our bibi...". They have been trying to kill her with love, and the hardest part is keeping her safe from their love and exuberance. Still, far better that than jealousy/ envy/ dislike/ ambivalence :-)

We stayed in hospital for the requisite 4 hours post birth, and left after 22h00 to come home to our own beds, as I have done with all the children. DH is now recovering from his exhaustion by napping with our daughter:-)

I'm nowhere near as exhausted and worn out as I was with DS so hopefully I'll get back on track a lot faster this time around, and who knows, I may even get up to sewing sooner rather than later!