Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Singlets!

I have managed to use up all the rib knit I had on hand, to sew Husband a total of 4 singlets (5 if you include the utterly rubbish first attempt, which got chucked!).

For the final two, I also decided to get my Coverpro1000CP out. I had some difficulty using binders with it a few months ago, and since then, one of my kids got to it where it is stored in my Horn cabinet, and fiddled with the dials and tension knobs. As a result, when I tried to use it the other day, it screeched to a halt, and frightened, I put it away to use another day.

I took it out today, encouraged by a member on PRDU, and spent an hour rethreading the whole machine, and resetting all dials and tensions to original settings. And finished hemming the final two singlets. For the armholes and necklines this time, I still handbasted, but used the overlocker, instead of a narrow zigzag, with acceptable results. I am getting a bit bored of sewing singlets now!

Neckline and armholes

Not as nice looking as with the narrow zigzag, as compared to using the overlocker, but does the job! How lazy is that?

Coverstitched hems. I did them as triple stitch, because I was still trying to figure them out, and the undersides turned out pretty well for the most part too, which I am pretty pleased with!

Husband wants more singlets, (I think I have created a monster!!) but he'll be content with his current 4-5, and I'll move on to the next project, I think; a dress and skirt for me, and some bodysuits/ rompers for my 18 month old son, who is running out of clothes, and maybe the baby too.

I might even try and have a go at using the binder again, for the bodysuits! Wish me luck!


Mel.J said...

They look great!

Janine said...

You've done a wonderful job, Imaan. You have such perseverance.