Saturday, March 6, 2010

Waste Free Lunch Bag - Attempt #1

Well, that did not go quite as well as I had planned.

I am planning to enter the handbag challenge/ contest over on Pattern Review which is a 15 day contest, with my first ever attempt at a bag of any sort.

I decided to go with the Waste Free Lunch Bag pattern I bought off You Can Make This, intending to make lunch bags for my girls for the co-operative pre school some friends and I have going.

All was going well; my girls picked out the fabric, and I began making the template, cutting out fabric, interfacing etc.

Even my 8 month old, who has been unsettled of late, has been behaving himself tonight, and so I have found myself in "the zone", and almost done at 1 am...until I attempted to sew the lining, with the divider, and pockets etc to the side seam, and left out the divider...aaaaaaaagh.

Back to the drawing board, except it is late and my exhaustion is suddenly upon me...and I just can't face unpicking at the moment.

How dumb can I be? Really?

Khayr insha'Allah. It's all good.

Tomorrow, if my husband can mind the kids for a couple of hours before he goes to work (yes, he works saturdays too), I might be able to unpick and work some more.

For the subsequent attempts, I had intended to fuse and cut out my pieces tomorrow evening, and to take them with me to work on sunday, along with my SM, so that if  I have a quiet shift, I might be able to set up and sew...we'll see what happens. My husband is really excited about my sewing, and entering this contest, purely for the enjoyment of it.

I like that.

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