Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fabric Binge...buying with a purpose...kind of...

I measured my son against the bag this morning, and realised that I had overestimated its size (of the swaddler that is). Its finished length is 53cm, which is the average length of a tallish newborn, so I am guessing this is meant primarily for newborns to babies about the age of 4-6 months, depending on ethnic variation wrt size, before they outgrow them. Which is fine. It is what tends to happen with muslin wraps too.

Having gotten one of these "out of the way", I took the opportunity to duck into Spotlight this morning, sans kids, since my husband was (!!!!) home, and managed to pick up all this fabric in one hour exactly!

Talk about efficient!

To be fair, I had a specific plan in mind; purchase cotton fabric, with matching lining for some of it, and specifically, look in the quilting clearance section, for suitable prints. I took my KS pattern with me, so I knew I needed about 2 metres of fabric for each print.

Animal paw prints, suitable for boy or girl, since some of my friends either don't know what they are having, or don't want to let on.
Another fairly neutral print, for boy or girl. Or do you think the floral pattern makes it more girl-y?

A neutral pattern, for boy or girl, with bright bold colours, which I really like, as well as the geometric pattern.

This is probably the most boy-ish print of all. I hope matching up the rows won't be too much of an issue!

Now the girl prints...

This floral black and white print...

You can't tell here, but this is a paisley print...

A floral print in sage, a very light green colour background...

A paisley broadcloth print, I love paisley prints...

A pretty floral print in lavender.

A bold floral print and for the lining of the sling for some of the fabrics at least,

A solid cream flannel in "vanilla". I figure this will go well with the animal print fabric sling/ swaddler. For some of the others, I have plain/ solid fleece in cream/ butter, pale pink, and some other shades.

So I should be all set.

Also on the cards this coming month, in addition to these sling/ swaddler sets,
1. 3-4 cloth nappy "sampler" for a friend who is interested in cloth nappying, and who is due mid March.
2. finishing off the singlets and undies I cut out for my 4 yo daughter over a month ago
3. this waste free lunch bag that I bought and paid for 2 days ago and am having difficulty accessing to download...we'll get there. Once I do, I also intend to enter this into the Pattern Review March Handbag Contest if at all possible.

So, big things planned. Now to see how much I can realistically accomplish.

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