Friday, March 12, 2010

Waste Free Lunch Bag - PR Handbag Contest march 2010

My kids totally love their little bags. I don't know how much "lunch" use they will get out of them. They seem to be using them primarily as handbags while playing house and whatever else little girls get up to.

It is a nice size for adults too, if you can edit the pockets and contents somewhat.

Here is the layout, of the lining, on cotton batting:

The divider is the large fabric piece on the left, which becomes incorporated into the final side seams. The fabric to the right, is the pocket.

Here is the lining, turned out, with the bottle holder facing the photo, just before I inserted this into the fabric/ outer layer.

This is the other side of the lining layer, with the pocket folded into the divider, which is what you can see here.

Fully lined on the inside. Velcro for closures. Next time, I might consider using a waterproof lining, such as PUL, especially if it is intended for kids, to make it "mess proof"
Finished product, 9.5 inches by 9 inches when full.
I can see I will be making more of these in the near future!!! What little girl does not like bags, especially bags made especially for her? The one on the left is my first (wonky) attempt. The second attempt went together seamlessly, with no unpicking or anything. Muslins may well be a good idea!

All up, from cutting to construction, it took me about 2 hours to put this together. It is a nice pattern, I am sure it could be self drafted by someone more experienced, but that would not be me:-)

The only initial pain was making the templates, since the instructions have you cut them out on the fabric and interfacing. Being the pedant that I am, I decided to make my own templates for repeated use using my sew-in interfacing, so I have standard sized templates to make more of these with.

My first PR contest entered. alHamdulillah. So pleased. Not even hoping to win by a long shot (unless it is the random draw winner), but so happy to have just done this!

Full review at pattern review

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