Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kwik Sew 3734- Sling Attempt #2

The second attempt went together in 45 minutes flat, cutting, and construction, with 3 kids underfoot, including a whining baby.

And the construction is of better quality, if I do say so myself.

And I chose a different lining fabric this time around, from stash, because I ran out of the royal blue poplin. I don't quite know if the effect is as nice.

Any opinions?


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm glad that I have happened upon your blog. I am about to attempt this same swaddler pattern, after having just completed the nursing cover. I am curious...did you use an interlining on your second sling? I want to do interlining on the one I am planning for my sister. I find that the instructions do not specify whether I am dealing with the lining vs the interlining. I wish they would have used the term interlining rather than lining for both...I like your idea for sewing the fleece onto the back of the lining, and just treating the fleece as the backside of the lining fabric. Clever! Your sling and the swaddlers look super!

Imaan said...

Hi anonymous,

thanks for the kind words. I did not use an interlining on the sling, just the swaddler. The sling works great, and I see it being advertised/ sold in Australia, pretty much the same pattern that I can see, for AUD69 plus P&H, so I feel pretty great.

Having said that, it is very comfortable, and the main issue, Sydney being rather warm, is that I think using an interlining, along with the body warmth from carrying bub, would result in bub probably heating up too much. That was my working hypothesis anyway, so I stuck to their instructions and just made it without any other layers.

The interlinig for the swaddler was not intentional, though it worked well, and looks nice. Next swaddler, I will probably just stick to the fleece lining, in a matching fabric. HTH, thanks for looking!

Anonymous said...

I purchased this pattern but I'm stuck on step 3 "Pin free outer edges, right sides together..." part. I have taken it apart 3-4 times and cant figure it out. Most of the time I seal the whole side. Please advise.

Imaan said...

Hi Anonymous,

I don't have a way to reply to you:-)

I'd have to go look the pattern instructions up again, but if you want you can email me at imaanjoshiATgmailDOTcom

Good luck, and take your time:-) Thanks for commenting.