Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Should I or not?

So I wore the second sling I made to a lunch get together with some friends I meet regularly, who all have kids my kids' age.

I was not about to tell them I had made the sling, since I am a bit private like that, but one of them asked me point blank if I had made it, and I could not lie.

So then another one asked if I could make her one, and she would buy it off me. I told her I had intended to gift each pregnant woman in the room with one, and a swaddler.

That started a whole new topic on how I ought to consider selling them for money, have a sling/ swaddler party at home and get a business going that way.

Surely no one would be into that? And more to the point, how much would they be willing to pay for my labour? And do I really want to do production line sewing when this is more about sewing as my time?


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Alison said...

Not to mention the restrictions on using commercial patterns. Kwik Sew don't have anything printed on theirs but McCalls say "sold for individual use and not for commercial or manufacturing purposes" which means no sewing for profit.

But really, do you have time? I mean you've got 3 kiddies under 4. I think your hands are full right now! :)