Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long Absence And Some News

I've been away much longer than anticipated. Much has been happening in my life and my world.

In effect this has meant that my best laid plans wrt the wardrobe contest, never got any further than the storyboard. And winters in Sydney being what they are, mild for the most part, winter is almost over (or so it seems), and she won't be needing a jacket for much longer, I am guessing.

In other news, I have trained DS, now 13 months old, to sleep at nights without feeding all night as he was doing every hour from 6pm until he woke at 6am. It took the best part of 2 months, and nearly drove me insane, but we are finally there. He still sleeps in my bed from about 11pm, but at least he sleeps, and allows me to sleep!

I am also pregnant. Not planned, we had hoped #3 was our last baby, and even gave away all our baby gear, and then this happened. I can't say I am disappointed by this surprise, as I had thought, if not for my speciality work, I would have had another baby or two, so this good. Best laid plans, and all that.

I am due in February, and have not really told anyone. I tend to be fairly private like that, and since my mum and MIL were both horrified/ disappointed/ disapproving each time I was pregnant (for various reasons - different religions, cited lack of money, loss of (my) career, age etc), this time around, I have decided, I am just not going to say anything until I have no choice. So many minefields.

What this does mean, is that once this 2 week migraine has lifted, and I am no longer throwing up/ feeling stressed with 3 kids underfoot etc, I need to come up with a plan that incorporates a couple of maternity tops, which I always wanted to sew for a pregnancy, as well as some baby clothes, especially now that we are living off one income!

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